New Boxes for Keychain Camera and Lens Detector

RF Lens Detector Box


RF Lens Detector - Bug Sweep

Keychain Camera Box

Keychain Camera - Key Fob - Key Video Camera

Spy Calling Cards

Spy Spot has calling cards that give you the ability to change your voice and name that appears on the caller id. Spy Spot’s calling cards have the ability to record the phone call as well. The calling cards are offered in 30, 70, and 150 credits. Calling cards are perfect to play a prank on somebody or can be used to get yourself out of trouble. Try Spy Spot’s calling cards today.

Shirt Button Camera

Spy Spot has a shirt button camera that can be used to attach to the button of a shirt.  The button is a black button that is well disguised and will match most buttons on a shirt. The camera has 4 GB of memory built into the device and will record video and audio as well as take pictures. To view the recording just plug the device into a USB of the computer. The shirt button camera is perfect for Private Investigators and just to record somebody without them being aware.


Spy Shirt Button Video Camcorder